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Pharisee church pastor tells breastfeeding mothers to cover up


The Pharisee church pastor complained to me about “women who use feeding their children as an excuse to trap men in lust”.

“What bothers me is the attitude that moms should be allowed to feed wherever they want, even if it is in public in front of young children or men who are not their husbands. This is a natural act, but it is also between a mother and child, not a mother, child, and the strange man at the table next to her.

There is just no reason that breastfeeding mothers cannot throw a blanket over their baby while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is absolutely not a reason to expose a woman’s bare breast.

I have no problem with women nursing their baby in a public place. However, too many women think that everyone else wants to view their breast, and not give consideration to others who care about modesty. I find that to be sinful and in very poor taste. Some women just don’t care how much they expose. Shame on them!

My instructions to breastfeeding women are this: always be respectful, considerate, modest, and decent. A breast does not change what it is just because you are nursing. Men around you would definitely view it as a breast, as an object of sexual desire. Women are not supposed to expose themselves in public, where men who are not their husbands would be tempted by their exposed body parts.

The issue here is modesty. Once, during a bible study in my church, a new mother began to breastfeed her child while not properly covering herself. I immediately condemned her for her sinful exposure, and held her to account. There is no reason a breastfeeding mother should expose herself to others while nourishing her baby! She should either go to a private location, or simply cover herself appropriately. What she is doing is natural, but she needs to be respectful to others’ feelings.

Do not put a stumbling block in your brothers’ way. If you are not being modest with your breastfeeding habits, then you may be a stumbling block for men who are struggling with pornography or other temptations of lust. I have instructed all Christian accountability groups in my church to ensure that breastfeeding women are held to account regarding their modesty while breastfeeding.

I always act firmly and swiftly if I see any social misbehaviour by women (or men) who defy my Christian values. I demand the highest level of accountability from my disciples.”

Pharisee church pastor, speak for yourself when you talk about feelings of lust upon seeing a nursing mother. All I see is a mother’s wonderful love for her child.

Pharisee church pastor calls Dalton McGuinty “The Antichrist” over eco fees


The Pharisee church pastor announced to me today that he has “proven” that Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is the Antichrist described in the Bible.

“People in Ontario may have noticed that starting a couple of weeks ago, Dalton McGuinty’s government has been collecting an ‘eco tax’ at the cash register.  I discovered that that maximum amount for Dalton McGuinty’s eco tax is $6.66.

As any serious reader of the Bible knows, the number 666 is no ordinary number.  It is, in fact, the very number of the evil Antichrist, the demonic Beast whose mission is to seduce the world for the Devil.  By setting the high amount of his eco tax to coincide with this satanic number, Dalton McGuinty has claimed this number for himself.  Therefore, he has revealed himself to be the Antichrist.

Ever since he tried to sexualize Ontario’s elementary schoolchildren, I have considered Dalton McGuinty’s spirituality to be under great suspicion.  Now, by imposing the number 666 on Ontario residents, the Premier is clearly the Evil One foretold by prophecy.

My church and all Christian accountability groups under me will be praying day and night for Dalton McGuinty’s spiritual defeat.  We will ask God to send armies of angels to destroy the Antichrist’s plans, starting with the eco tax.  The Premier needs to immediately resign his position as the Devil’s representative, join my church, and attend one of my Christian accountability groups.  It is only by being spiritually accountable to me that he can obtain salvation.”

Pharisee church pastor, I don’t think even the opposition parties at Queen’s Park are with you on this one.

“The Toronto Maple Leafs will never win the Stanley Cup because God is punishing them for supporting homosexuality”, says Pharisee church pastor


The Pharisee church pastor declared to me the other day that he discovered why the Toronto Maple Leafs have been unable to win the NHL’s Stanley Cup.

“It is obvious.  God is punishing the Leafs for advocating homosexuality.  Their General Manager, Brian Burke, supports a homosexuality-promoting website, and even participated in the Toronto homosexual parade. Clearly, the poor performance of the Leafs on ice is God’s punishment.”

When I informed the Pharisee church pastor that Mr. Burke’s involvement in the gay community is due to his late son being gay, the Pharisee church pastor responded:

“That is no excuse for supporting an evil and sinful lifestyle.  As I have preached many times in my church – and reinforced through my Christian accountability groups – if any of my disciples have a family member who is homosexual, the correct response is to denounce that family member, and cut off all ties.  If I had a son who is homosexual, I will condemn him to hell and publicly announce that this sinner is no longer my son.  Strict adherence to the many rules of Christian living overrides all other considerations, like love.”

Pharisee church pastor, you are one hateful, bigoted idiot.

An Excellent Reply from Druxy’s


Less than 2 ½ hours after I emailed my complaint to Druxy’s, I received a very satisfactory reply.  This turnaround time greatly exceeded my expectations, and the offer of a Druxy’s card – which I accepted – was impressive as well.  I am happy to be resuming visits to Druxy’s, and look forward to enjoying their menu for years to come.

The reply from Peter Druxerman, VP Marketing at Druxy’s, is as follows:

“Thank you so much for spending the time to write us regarding your experience at our Zurich Life Building location.  I am embarrassed by the treatment you received and understand and agree with your reaction.  A 1 cent napkin is the right of every customer and if you felt you needed more than one, then so be it.  On behalf of all of our franchisees and staff who are committed to providing exceptional service to their customers, I apologize.

I will be sharing your note with the franchisee of this location and all of our franchisees and staff so that they can understand how their actions can have very grave consequences.

As a thank you for spending the time to share your experience and as an apology, I would like to send you a DRUXY’S Card that you will be able to use at any of our locations to experience how service at DRUXY’S is meant to be.  If you choose not to accept this offer, I understand.  If you would like to accept it, please send me your mailing address and I will have the card mailed to you.

Thank you once again for your note.  It is an important tool that we will use to improve our service for all customers.


Peter Druxerman

Vice-president, Marketing