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An Excellent Reply from Druxy’s


Less than 2 ½ hours after I emailed my complaint to Druxy’s, I received a very satisfactory reply.  This turnaround time greatly exceeded my expectations, and the offer of a Druxy’s card – which I accepted – was impressive as well.  I am happy to be resuming visits to Druxy’s, and look forward to enjoying their menu for years to come.

The reply from Peter Druxerman, VP Marketing at Druxy’s, is as follows:

“Thank you so much for spending the time to write us regarding your experience at our Zurich Life Building location.  I am embarrassed by the treatment you received and understand and agree with your reaction.  A 1 cent napkin is the right of every customer and if you felt you needed more than one, then so be it.  On behalf of all of our franchisees and staff who are committed to providing exceptional service to their customers, I apologize.

I will be sharing your note with the franchisee of this location and all of our franchisees and staff so that they can understand how their actions can have very grave consequences.

As a thank you for spending the time to share your experience and as an apology, I would like to send you a DRUXY’S Card that you will be able to use at any of our locations to experience how service at DRUXY’S is meant to be.  If you choose not to accept this offer, I understand.  If you would like to accept it, please send me your mailing address and I will have the card mailed to you.

Thank you once again for your note.  It is an important tool that we will use to improve our service for all customers.


Peter Druxerman

Vice-president, Marketing