Pharisee church pastor tells breastfeeding mothers to cover up

The Pharisee church pastor complained to me about “women who use feeding their children as an excuse to trap men in lust”.

“What bothers me is the attitude that moms should be allowed to feed wherever they want, even if it is in public in front of young children or men who are not their husbands. This is a natural act, but it is also between a mother and child, not a mother, child, and the strange man at the table next to her.

There is just no reason that breastfeeding mothers cannot throw a blanket over their baby while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is absolutely not a reason to expose a woman’s bare breast.

I have no problem with women nursing their baby in a public place. However, too many women think that everyone else wants to view their breast, and not give consideration to others who care about modesty. I find that to be sinful and in very poor taste. Some women just don’t care how much they expose. Shame on them!

My instructions to breastfeeding women are this: always be respectful, considerate, modest, and decent. A breast does not change what it is just because you are nursing. Men around you would definitely view it as a breast, as an object of sexual desire. Women are not supposed to expose themselves in public, where men who are not their husbands would be tempted by their exposed body parts.

The issue here is modesty. Once, during a bible study in my church, a new mother began to breastfeed her child while not properly covering herself. I immediately condemned her for her sinful exposure, and held her to account. There is no reason a breastfeeding mother should expose herself to others while nourishing her baby! She should either go to a private location, or simply cover herself appropriately. What she is doing is natural, but she needs to be respectful to others’ feelings.

Do not put a stumbling block in your brothers’ way. If you are not being modest with your breastfeeding habits, then you may be a stumbling block for men who are struggling with pornography or other temptations of lust. I have instructed all Christian accountability groups in my church to ensure that breastfeeding women are held to account regarding their modesty while breastfeeding.

I always act firmly and swiftly if I see any social misbehaviour by women (or men) who defy my Christian values. I demand the highest level of accountability from my disciples.”

Pharisee church pastor, speak for yourself when you talk about feelings of lust upon seeing a nursing mother. All I see is a mother’s wonderful love for her child.

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6 Responses to “Pharisee church pastor tells breastfeeding mothers to cover up”

  1. Jayne Rivert Says:

    Interesting post. Never thought that people would look at breastfeeding in a sexual way.


  2. Heather Comer Says:

    I hope that while instructing women to be modest while nursing, you are also calling women to account who dress immodestly. I have found that it is just as distracting and much more common to see a Christian woman dressed indecently than it is to see her nursing in an immodest fashion. I completely agree that while nursing, we should have the respect for ourselves, our babies, and those around us to cover up with a blanket or nursing cover. But why single out nursing mothers when there are so many other exposed women filling the pews?


  3. Haefen Says:

    God has not made us so weak that we cannot handle looking at the bodies he has given us or others. It is insulting to suggest that men are so weak, have so little control that the sight of a single breast would cause….cause what? A murderous tirade?

    These same men you claim are weak minded you credit with great insight from God?

    My instructions to women are: Dress as you wish. Don’t dress at all if you feel comfortable. You are safe around all men of respect.

    Of course you should be careful as exposing your self to religious men or men of certain sects can be dangerous if not in a secular public place.


  4. James Says:

    “In many cultures, breasts aren’t sexual at all. For example, women in Mali go around with bare breasts. They’re always feeding their babies. When they were told that in our culture men are fascinated with breasts, they burst out laughing. They laughed so hard, they fell on the floor. They said, ‘You mean, men act like babies?'”

    – Carolyn Latteier, “Breasts: The Women’s Perspective on an American Obsession”


  5. Christian accountability groups, Pharisee church pastor style « To ANNE FLEETWOOD: a public notice Says:

    […] and responsible for making sure that men do not experience lust with you as the object.  Breastfeeding mothers – have you ensured that, while breastfeeding, your breast is not visible by any man who is not […]


  6. AY Says:

    @James: LOL!

    @Haefen: Agreed!

    @Jayne: Thanks!

    @Heather: I talked with the Pharisee church pastor about the issue you raised, i.e. women’s dress in general. The Pharisee church pastor replied, “That is an excellent point, and in my Christian accountability groups I stress the importance of women always ensuring that the way they dress does not induce lust in men. One of my Christian accountability questions specifically addresses this important rule of Christian living. Women, you are reminded that, if any man who is not your husband feels lust when they look at you, it means you are an evil prostitute and adulterer. You, women, are accountable and responsible for making sure that men do not experience lust with you as the object.”

    The current list of the Pharisee church pastor’s Christian Accountability Questions is posted here:


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