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Keiko Kitagawa’s “100 Loves” from her special supplement in “Seventeen” November 2005 issue (English translation)


100 Things Keiko Loves!!

We researched the 100 things Keiko loves. From fashion to lifestyle, 19 year old Keiko tells us what she <3’s and more.

Long black hair. That’s what I like these days.

Ira Ishida. He’s so easy to read!

Keigo Higashino‘s “Metamorphosis” or “100 Nights”. I love reading all kinds of mysteries.

ampm. In my case, it’s because they don’t charge ATM fees.

Minnie. She’s so cute!

Tuna mayo rice balls. They’re classic!

Coffee. Especially café mocha from Starbucks! As soon as I pour in my milk, I’m in heaven.

The hour before I go to sleep. You can read something, watch a movie, listen to music – basically, it’s time that I can do whatever I want with.

Italy. I’ve never been but I’d like to go! I want to buy shoes!

All the people I work with!!

The feeling you get when you receive a one-of-a-kind item – I love that. I’m always getting indebted to everyone! (laughs)

Dr Grip. I used to think they were really convenient pens when I would use them while taking tests. (laughs)

My cross. I wear it like a pendant. I think it’s because I went to a mission school for junior high.

The smell of the woods. If they made air freshener with that scent, I’d always buy it. (laughs)

Good taste. I love skirts especially, but I don’t want to miss out on any good styles. Especially ones like Victoria Beckham’s!

I’ve got dark tastes. I love junk foods like pizza. Even though it’s so bad for you, I just love it. (laughs)

Shooting the makeup pages for Seventeen. It shocks me how much makeup can change how your face looks! And how much of a difference your facial expression makes. I like seeing my own face in transition.

Tea. Helps me when I’m tired

“Black Jack”. I have the complete volumes at my parents’ house.

Hanetobi. It’s so funny!

Q-sama! From that new late night show that’s on.

Count Down TV. Especially Tsuimi-chan’s.

Drunk Dragon. I met them at a shoot one time.

Victoria Beckham. She’s the coolest woman!! I love all her different hair styles.

Takako Tokiwa. Even though she’s famous she’s really friendly. I love seeing how she changes from role to role!

Sunglasses. They make your face look so cool. I love the tear drop shaped ones best.

SEVENTEEN. It’s such an important place for people to show their individuality.

Cleaning my face. It’s super refreshing!

Never forgetting your original intentions. That’s something I care about. When I look back on Seventeen, that’s what I always think about.

Sunflowers. Because I was born in the summer, I always remember my grandma dressing me in clothes with sunflower patterns.

Strawberries. So delicious.

The color of the sky. I’ve loved the color of the bright blue sky since I was a kid.

SWORD FISH. I really love it! I always buy it at the L.G. Market when I go.

KATE. An easy brand to use and really excellent!

Rock! In college I was in a rock band!

Bon Jovi. His voice and vocals are so amazing!

David Bowie. I’ve admired his style since I was really little.

Red Chili (Red Hot Chili Peppers). Their base player is super amazing!

Nickelback. I love his voice!

“Shining Boy & Little Randy”. It was so good. It made me cry.

“Calmi Cuori Appassionati”. The book made me happy and sad. The movie was filmed in Florence and was gorgeous. I’ve wanted to travel there ever since.

Fruit tarts. I love it when they’re refreshing and sweet. But because they’re so high in calories, I don’t eat many of them.

Hamburgers. Ever since I was a kid.

Omelette rice. I love it with lots of ketchup!

Swimming. I started when I was three and did it for more than ten years. I recommend it to everyone.

English. It was my favorite subject since middle school. Maybe I just like to speak it more than writing it?

Philosophy. It’s always such a difficult subject, but I love it. Just for the sake of learning new things.

Kobe. Because I used to live there!

Autumn. I love wearing autumn clothes and boots. I love the scenery and fallen leaves.

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. I’m always using it.

Beige nails. Anything in a nude shade.

French nails. It makes your hands look so pretty!

Aquariums, because I love fish. I want to buy tropical fish!

Dragon Quest. Dragon Quest 8, I still can’t beat it…

TSUTAYA. Since it ranks all the CDs in order of popularity. I want to try renting from there too!

HMV. Because I auditioned there.

Gatsby Commercials. They’re always so funny (laughs)

ZACC Hair Care. I’m always using their products.

Contrex. It makes your upset stomach feel a lot better, and eliminates constipation.

Cloudy days. I don’t like it when it’s bright and can’t stand it when it’s raining. But somehow I like the atmosphere of a cloudy day.

Boots. Wish I could wear them even in summer!

Potato chips. I could eat them every day!

My bed. Because I’m tired. (laughs)

My phone. Even though I only really talk to one other person, I’m on the phone almost every day.

People who play music. They’re so cool!

Watches. I want to collect watches. I want a Bulgarian one with diamonds.

Shooting lights! They illuminate everything, you can see perfectly!

Trees. I’ve always wanted to live in a place surrounded by trees.

The moment I put your key in the door. I’m finally home after a long day! It’s a great feeling.

TOKYO ROAD. A song by Bon Jovi. It’s from my favorite CD of his!

Eggplant. I love the flavor.

McDonald’s. If I’m going for fast food, I’m going here! I love their burgers.

Laundry day. I love wearing freshly laundered clothes!

The library. I love borrowing books.

Dark places. They’re really calming for some reason. Especially dim coffee shops (laughs)

Deep bass voices. Maybe because I’m a bass myself!

Shopping by myself. Because then I can move through the store as I please.

^_^ Cute!

^-^p  I’m always using this face!

My home. I like to be settled down.

School. It’s a great place to study!

My nose. Because it’s elegant (laughs)

My eyebrows. Because they’re elegant!! (laughs)

Hands. I could study them all day, it’s amazing how much they let you do.

People who always say no in nice or funny ways.

Boombox. Can’t live without it!

All the work I’ve done up until now. With Seventeen and on Sailor Moon.

Peace sign pose. It’s so energetic!

Simplicity. I hate when things are a jumble.

Makeup without eyeliner. I prefer a more natural look

Bangles and anklets. I like it better when there’s not stuff all over my chest.

Drums. I’m in practice!

New Year’s. It’s the time of the year where it most feels like Japan. Especially as you sit back and watch NHK’s “Red and White Singing Competition”.

“8”. Because I was born in August.

Brappers Jeans. They make your legs looks so slim even in denim!

My birth stone. And any yellow-green gems.

Men who wear glasses. Isn’t it just so sexy?!

Brown eye shadow. Depending on how you apply it, it can really change how your face looks, it’s really versatile.

Sweet baked egg. I love it.

A hotdog in my lunchbox. It’s a Kitagawa house classic!

Peppers. I know there’s lots of people who hate them, but they’re so delicious!!

Dear Readers: Hello. I’m Keiko Kitagawa. The staff worked super extra hard on making this book. It took a lot to get together all this information about fashion, makeup, and about myself. So definitely please enjoy. This is Keiko Kitagawa signing off from SEVENTEEN.

(Images from Miss Dream. Translated by Fandom Services, paid for by this blog to the benefit of all English-speaking and English-learning Keiko fans).

A quote about enemies


“Remember to always separate victims from enemies. No man is your enemy, systems of thought and ideologies that enslave are your enemy. Human beings, even when working for these systems, are victims who need love, understanding and rescue.” – Jeff Turner, from his Facebook post