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Keiko Kitagawa in “Biteki” August 2018 issue


Regular edition cover:

 Keiko Kitagawa 北川景子

“No gift” edition cover:

 Keiko Kitagawa 北川景子

 Keiko Kitagawa 北川景子

 Keiko Kitagawa 北川景子

 Keiko Kitagawa 北川景子


Keiko Kitagawa in “Steady” July 2018 issue



Keiko Kitagawa interview article in “With” May 2018 issue (English translation)


Why is Keiko Kitagawa’s business wardrobe so cool?

Even though she appears cold and unapproachable, that is not who she really is. In fact, some people are disappointed.

“People’s first impressions of me are usually not that good (laughs); this should be due to the characters I played. So people often think that I am cold and unapproachable, but I never thought of myself this way.”

When asked about her perspective of “first impressions of her”, Keiko Kitagawa says she often is seen as “cold” and “imposing”, but her authentic self is easygoing and laughs often.

“Even though my personality is different from my characters, I am not bothered by it; I remind myself to smile and greet people, in order to leave a good impression. Although I am still often described as cold and unapproachable, I have been told that after being married my smile has become warmer (laughs).”

Being strong, persistent and recognized as cool, is there anything that bothers her? Her dedication towards everything appears to have overcome her former shyness.

“As I am now an adult, to be described as shy at this age is not appropriate. I am very relaxed now, even though I had to force myself to face the situation at first, I get used to it eventually. It was not easy to be candid at first, but I can now enjoy the moment and have a natural conversation.”

So, what kind of first impression would Ms. Kitagawa find the most attractive?

“No matter the gender, I like those who are easygoing, and my husband is like that. Those who can respond naturally even when fawned on are very good. I cannot deal with those who are imposing.”

What kind of first impression does she want to leave with people?

Keiko Kitagawa in “Maquia” May 2018 issue


Cover of “no gift” low cost edition:

Cover of regular edition:

Ad for Citizen xC watches:

Keiko Kitagawa, Rika Izumi and Mew Azama remember “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”


In a TV talk show on 31 December 2017, Keiko Kitagawa discussed her entertainment debut including her appearance in the 2003 tokusatsu drama “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (PGSM). Rika Izumi appeared as a special guest:

Broadcast earlier on 23 December, Rika appeared in a short TV segment in which she prepared a bento box for fellow PGSM actress Mew Azama. CarbOFF pasta was a major ingredient:

Rika thus has returned the favour for when Mew’s character cooked for hers in PGSM Act 21: