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Nickel and Diming: New motto at Druxy’s?


I was in downtown Toronto and wanted a cold beverage to quench my thirst.  So I decided to visit the Druxy’s location at the Zurich Life Building, 400 University Avenue, since I have visited there before.  I took a bottle of apple juice and placed it on the unattended cashier counter.  While waiting to be served, I noticed the pile of paper napkins in front of me beside the cash register, and took one in case of spills.  As I took the napkin, I heard several voices yelling from the other end of the counter.  A cashier rushed back to behind the cash register, screaming “no, no!” or something similar.  More screams were heard from where she came from.  When she finally stopped, she reached over the counter in an attempt to snatch the paper napkin from my hand, as if that napkin contained all her life’s hopes and aspirations.  Seeing this pathetic display of miserly embarrassment, I told the cashier “OK, OK, I’m not buying anymore!” and immediately left the premises, leaving my proposed purchase on the counter unpaid.

While Druxy’s paper napkins are unique in bearing the Druxy’s logo, I am certain that the cost of one paper napkin is tiny when compared to the profit Druxy’s would have made had I bought that bottle of apple juice.  The cashier’s unsuccessful attempt to deny me one paper napkin has resulted in me, a long time customer of several Druxy’s locations, to refuse to ever make a purchase at any Druxy’s again.

In other words, that one paper napkin – and the horrible attitude towards customers that it represents – is truly costly to Druxy’s.


One possible fix to Windows 7/Vista freezing/hanging upon waking up from sleep


Many people with computers running Windows 7 or Vista have experienced the system freezing/hanging when trying to wake it up from sleep, with many solutions proposed.  The following procedure has almost eliminated the problem for me, with such episodes being very rare now.

1.  Go to Control Panel –> Hardware and Sound –> Power Options.

2.  For whatever power plan you are on, click on Change Plan Settings.

3.  Set Turn Off the Display to Never.

4.  Set Put the Computer to Sleep to 20 minutes (or similar timeframe).

5.  Click Save Changes.  You may need to repeat steps 3 and 4 until Windows believes you are serious about these settings.

This fix appears to work if the problem is caused by issues when only the monitor is shut off but the computer is still active.  Since the monitor will turn itself off if the computer goes to sleep, there is really no need to shut off the monitor early if the computer is set to sleep within a short period of time.

Fitness to Work Evaluation processing times


A report by Health Canada indicates that for Fitness to Work Evaluation (FTWE) requests made by Transport Canada, the yearly-average processing times by Health Canada’s Workplace Health and Public Safety Programme (WHPSP), Ontario Region, ranged from 42.0 days (approximately 1 ½ months) to 203.5 days (less than 7 months) during the previous five fiscal years (2005/06 to 2009/10).  In the majority (57%) of cases during the previous five fiscal years, the FTWE was completed in less than 120 days (4 months).

 The yearly average processing times are as follows:

 2005/06 – 75.5 days

2006/07 – 117.3 days

2007/08 – 203.5 days

2008/09 – 42.0 days

2009/10 – 109.0 days

Source:  Health Canada Access to Information Request A-2010-00056 / ne