A (non) conversation with the Pharisee church pastor

I was visiting the Pharisee church pastor (“PCP”) in his office the other day when the following exchange took place.  He was working on some sermon, while I was reading the newspaper:

Me – Check out this profile of a senior executive in the global investment banking firm “Sack Them Goats”.  He has been accused by the regulators of knowingly selling crappy financial products to his clients, while making bets that pay him lots of money when those products fail.

PCP – Uh huh. (Eyes remained focused on his work)

Me – One of the state attorneys general has also accused this executive of knowingly setting up and promoting unfair mortgage schemes, which resulted in thousands of families losing their homes during the financial crisis.

PCP – Um, ah huh. (Corrects some typo in his draft sermon)

Me – According to an investigative documentary, this Sack Them Goats executive was also instrumental in artificially suppressing the price of gold for many years, which contributed to the impoverishment of many African nations, making millions of children malnourished or even dead due to hunger.

PCP – Hmm. (Looks up something from a thick reference book)

Me – Last year, this executive collected over $100 million in cash bonuses alone, stock options extra.

PCP – Sure. (Gently taps his pen while pondering his draft)

Me – On the personal level, however, this Sack Them Goats executive is a dedicated family man.  He has been married to his same sex partner for over 10 years, and they have adopted two children from overseas orphanages.

PCP – What?!  An evil homosexual?!  (Screaming)  He is going to burn in hell for eternity!!!  Homosexuals like him are what’s wrong with society today!!!  (Followed by a tirade about “the demonic gay agenda”, “corrupting children”, “destroying marriage”, etc.)

It appears that, to some people, the speck of homosexuality is more significant than the log/plank of rapacious greed.

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