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Haruna Kawaguchi in “MacFan” and “Clubism” September 2016 issues


Photos from one photoshoot was featured by two magazines. In “MacFan”:

In “Clubism”:

Is her skirt blue or white? What do you think?

Keiko Kitagawa in “Seventeen” 15 September 2006 issue


Keiko Kitagawa’s Beauty Honey volume 27 “Keiko’s Fragrance”:

The Keiko Kitagawa Seventeen Heritage Conservation Project seeks to digitally preserve and make accessible Keiko’s significant appearances in “Seventeen” magazine. It is made possible with the generous support of MB.

888-634-9403 is a scam phone number


If you get an email or phone message telling you to call 1-888-634-9403 about your student loan (or any other loan/financial issue), do not call. These scammers will claim to help you with your loan but will require you to pay them upfront as a “service charge” (or similar). However, once they have received your money, they will do nothing. Even worse, any personal information you share with the scammers may in fact be sold to other scammers.

Note that if you call the number, the scammers will use the information on your caller ID for their scam. Therefore, do not call.

Keiko Kitagawa in “Sky Perfect TV Guide” October 2016 and “Entermix” November 2016 issues


A photoshoot to promote the TV drama “Hippocratic Oath” was featured by two magazines. In “Sky Perfect TV Guide” October 2016 issue:

In “Entermix” November 2016 issue:

Fumika Baba interview article in “Kamen Rider Drive Photo Album: Sounds of Speed” (English translation)


I want to spend my last scene as Medic with a smile, I thought.

So, your first scene in this drama put you in a pinch!?

My first time acting in a drama series was during “Drive”. There was so much going on – action scenes, and all of the challenges that the actors in the Kamen Rider suits had to face on set. It seemed to me like everybody else on staff had so much more experience than me and knew exactly what to do. Some of the staff had been working on the set of Kamen Rider for many years. But, everyone around me was kind and gave me good advice. I didn’t have any brothers growing up, but when I was a kid if I woke up early on Sundays I’d watch shows like “Kamen Rider” and “Precure” (laughs). Still, I was so shocked when I passed the audition to be a part of Kamen Rider Drive. And it’s bizarre to see myself on TV, but it makes me really happy. When I went for my audition, I wore a black dress. Partly because I thought it would fit for a villain character to be wearing black, but also because I normally just wear a lot of black clothing. It’s like it was my fate to portray Medic. I didn’t even know what the story would be yet! So I really just got lucky. (laughs)