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Photos and video of Ayaka Komatsu at 2013 NYC Marathon


Ayaka Komatsu (小松彩夏) finished the 2013 ING New York City Marathon on November 3. Her time was 6:01:23. This photo was taken at the start of the run. Ayaka is to the right, and at the left is her colleague and teammate Renge Ishiyama (石山蓮華):

This photo was taken around Mile 22:

This photo was taken near the finish, and Ayaka appears to be sprinting:

After Ayaka crossed the finish line, she decided to wait for Renge there. Once Renge arrived, the two hugged before departing together. In this video, Ayaka appears under the Foot Locker sign and is initially hidden by a guy in a grey sweater. She is clearly visible when she is waiting by the finish line: