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Keiko Kitagawa in “Seventeen” 15 September 2005 issue (raw scans)


With Nana Eikura to promote Barbie-branded fashion goods:

Keiko Kitagawa’s Beauty Honey volume 9 “Autumn is Black/Beige/Khaki: Transform to an older sister’s style”:

The Keiko Kitagawa Seventeen Heritage Conservation Project seeks to digitally preserve and make accessible Keiko’s significant appearances in “Seventeen” magazine. It is made possible with the generous support of MB.

Ayaka Komatsu’s first date on “Last Kiss” (English fansub)


“Last Kiss” is a Japanese celebrity dating show; two celebrities go on a blind date and the camera follows them to capture the unscripted moments. The episode on 8 December 2015 featured Ayaka on her first date with Yuki Kimisawa and they spent the day and evening at Enoshima. Ayaka provided “after-action” commentary to explain her thoughts and feelings during the date.

The show was hosted by DAIGO, now Keiko Kitagawa’s husband; at the time of the episode the marriage was yet to be announced but was an open secret; the banter between DAIGO and his celebrity commentary panel made reference to him being connected to Ayaka as both Ayaka and Keiko were previously cast as Sailor Guardians.

(Video translated by Fandom Services. Paid for by this blog to the benefit of all English-speaking and English-learning Ayaka fans).

Fumika Baba in “Samurai ELO” May 2016 issue (raw scan)


Keiko Kitagawa in “Seventeen” 1 July 2005 issue (raw scans)


Keiko Kitagawa’s Beauty Honey volume 5 “Surfer Make-up – Summer Girl”:

Keiko in a “Sisters” segment with her junior, Kiko Mizuhara:


Select photos of Rika Izumi in “Bijin Hyakka” October 2015 issue