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Keiko Kitagawa interview article in “Maquia” April 2016 issue (English translation)


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Unswaying in her beauty
Keiko Kitagawa: This is my Beauty Routine

Anytime she has a dream, she also has a strong sense of justice about achieving it. Just like the heroines she portrays, we get the impression that Ms. Kitagawa is a person who “can’t be swayed”. She’s got perfect looks, intelligence, wit and is firm in her behavior. But she doesn’t do it for the strength alone; it’s an inherent discipline. Ms. Kitagawa, what are some of the things in your life that are non-negotiable for you?


Not being able to cut any corners is exhausting. But I like that about my work.

I keep my skin care routine as simple as possible, because I think it’s important to recognize that your body has the power to heal itself. I go to the gym and work with a trainer about three times a month, and I do a lot of running. When I was 24 years old, I quit eating all of my beloved junk food and got serious about taking care of myself. In my case, when I put in the work it’s easy to see the results when I’m on screen. If I cut any corners or cheat, everyone will be able to tell. So while I regret that I can’t cut any corners with my regimen, it’s better for me that I have a job that keeps me accountable.

Rika Izumi graduation interview article and video for “Ray” February 2016 issue (English translation and fansub)


“Even though I don’t know what’s going to come next, it’s important for me to keep ‘facing forward’.”

“When I first came to Ray, to be honest, I was full of anxiety.”

Now that she is graduating from Ray, we speak with Rika Izumi to get her thoughts – For the last seven and a half years she’s spent her days working with Ray. Today we meet to discuss her story; her memories of the good times and painful times. Ms. Rika shares her thoughts on her experiences both as a grown woman and a model at the agency.

Select photos of Fumika Baba in “Weekly Big Comic Spirits” 11 July 2016 issue



Haruna Kawaguchi in “Entame” July 2016 issue (raw scans)


Keiko Kitagawa in “TV Life” 1 July 2016 issue (raw scan)


Promotional article for the TV drama Your Home is My Business: