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Keiko Kitagawa interview article in “Weekly Big Comic” 2013 August 12 issue (English translation)


Keiko Kitagawa interview article in “Weekly Big Comic Spirits” 2013 August 12 issue (English translation)

“Keiko Kitagawa – 10th Anniversary of an Honest Face”

The first appearance of the spirited actress, Kitagawa Keiko!

This year marks the actresses’ 10 year anniversary in the industry. To commemorate her 10th year anniversary, a photo book called “27” is now on sale to the public, and we hope you’ll enjoy it!!

Due to her overwhelmingly good looks, “Pretty” is the first word that comes to mind when admiring her! She’s admired by women as well of course by men. In her latest photo book, we’ve captured many of her “honest” moments on camera, please be sure to pick up a copy!

Q – What are your thoughts on reaching your 10th year anniversary in the entertainment industry?

Keiko – When I think about it I realize what a fun time it’s been, and also how long it’s really been. I had to use all my power to get to this point, and I would say in these last 10 years I’ve developed a lot of self-confidence. I’ve been giving it my all, so I guess you could say I’ve hardly noticed that 10 years have passed (laughs)

I just take each day as it comes, 1 by 1, and next thing I notice, a year has passed. Then two years pass. And now it’s been 10 whole years. When I hear that it’s already been 10 years, I think that’s a really long time, but then I consider that it’s probably gone by so quickly thanks to all the fans out there who have been supporting me and cheering me on.

Q – Since the movie “The Riddle is Solved after Dinner” (nazotoki wa dinner no ato de) will be coming out soon, could you please share some highlights from it with us?

Keiko – Well, to be honest, the scale of the production made it feel on set like we weren’t really just doing a movie. We filmed on a luxury liner and the photography for the promotions was taken by really high end companies. The costumes were especially gorgeous. I felt really nervous running around wearing such expensive jewelry worth millions of yen. I almost had to remind myself to be fearless like Reiko. (laughs)
Unlike the drama, the movie version focuses almost exclusively on the relationship between Reiko and Kageyama, and the mystery they uncover. What I want everyone to notice is the bond that develops between those two characters.

Q – In celebration of the 10th year anniversary since your industry debut, in your new photo book that’s on sale, do you have a particular image that is your favorite?

Keiko – I always try to do my best during all of my photo shoots and sets, but, I think for this session my favorite image is one they called “Honesty”, it really took me back to my roots when I first began work in the entertainment industry as a fashion model.

The photos were taken mostly on location at a set in Paris, a city which I absolutely adore. I got to stay there all throughout the photography sessions for this photo book, and my family was with me as well. While I was there I did a lot of clothes shopping! I got addicted to Paris fashion. My favorite fashions look that I found there were in my new red pumps, a new trench coat with outline stitching around the borders, with rolled up jeans.

Q – What are your most recent private passions as of late?

Keiko – That would be Takarazuka Theater! Originally I got invited to a performance by my mother, but now it’s developed into a full blown addiction of my own. The Takarazuka stage is really impressive, and the performances draw you into a whole other world. Everyone in the audience takes the performances so seriously, and the trance-like state of their devotion to the troupe really sucks you in. For myself, I want to improve my performances to be better, more like the Takarazuka ones I’ve seen, so I’m working my hardest. As a fellow woman, I have a lot of respect for their work!

(Translated by Miss Dream under their ”Hire Us!” program. Paid for by this blog for the benefit of all English-speaking Keiko fans)