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Miyuu Sawai screenshots in “Kurokawa no Techo” episodes 2 and 3


Miyuu Sawai played an assistant in a clinic in the 2017 TV drama “Kurokawa no Techo” (Black Leather Notebook).

Episode 2 was broadcast on 27 July:

Episode 3 was broadcast on 3 August. Her character was sexually harassed by the clinic director while giving him a back massage:

Miyuu Sawai screenshots from “I Love You Just a Little Bit” episode 10


Miyuu Sawai appeared near the end of the final episode (10) of “I Love You Just a Little Bit”, broadcast on 20 June 2017:

Miyuu Sawai screenshots from “Mr. Housekeeper, Mitazono” episode 6


Miyuu Sawai appeared in episode 6 of “Mr. Housekeeper, Mitazono”, which was broadcast on 25 November 2016. She played an entertainment personality who was blackmailed by her former high school teacher because she had cosmetic surgery. It turned out that many of her classmates were also being blackmailed for their personal reasons. During the teacher’s retirement celebration, this was exposed and the blackmailing material was revealed to be destroyed. As a result, the former students were no longer subject to the teacher’s blackmail:


Miyuu Sawai screenshots from “Kamen Rider Ex-Aid” episodes 42-44


In three episodes of “Kamen Rider Ex-Aid”, Miyuu Sawai played a mother who, along with her son, was infected with a virus.

Episode 42 was broadcast on 6 August 2017:


Miyuu Sawai in “The Single Teacher Miss Hayako” episode 7


Miyuu Sawai appeared in episode 7 of “The Single Teacher Miss Hayako”, which was broadcast in June 2016. Her character mistook the woman walking with her ex-boyfriend as his new girlfriend, and attacked the woman. The woman played along until the actual new girlfriend arrived to clarify the matter.