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Miyuu Sawai in “The Single Teacher Miss Hayako” episode 7


Miyuu Sawai appeared in episode 7 of “The Single Teacher Miss Hayako”, which was broadcast in June 2016. Her character mistook the woman walking with her ex-boyfriend as his new girlfriend, and attacked the woman. The woman played along until the actual new girlfriend arrived to clarify the matter.


Miyuu Sawai in ad for “Wondercore 2”


Miyuu Sawai appeared briefly in an ad for Shop Japan’s “Wondercore 2” abdominal trainer:

The full ad can be viewed below:

Miyuu Sawai X monsters: a tribute


Miyuu Sawai and suited monsters enjoy a relationship that spans well over a decade:

Miyuu Sawai screenshots in “Kamen Rider Amazons” episodes 9 and 12


Miyuu Sawai appeared in two episodes of the Amazon original video series “Kamen Rider Amazons”, playing the role of Mika.

Episode 9 was first streamed in May 2016:


Miyuu Sawai screenshots from “Charge 730!” episode on 4 November 2015


“Charge 730!” is a weekday morning information program on TV Tokyo that starts at 7:30 am. In this segment about some top food establishments, Miyuu Sawai visits a fish restaurant, a “potato cream” (mashed potatoes with toppings) restaurant and a bakery. She samples offerings from each place and finds them all delicious.