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Keiko Kitagawa, Rika Izumi and Mew Azama remember “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”


In a TV talk show on 31 December 2017, Keiko Kitagawa discussed her entertainment debut including her appearance in the 2003 tokusatsu drama “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (PGSM). Rika Izumi appeared as a special guest:

Broadcast earlier on 23 December, Rika appeared in a short TV segment in which she prepared a bento box for fellow PGSM actress Mew Azama. CarbOFF pasta was a major ingredient:

Rika thus has returned the favour for when Mew’s character cooked for hers in PGSM Act 21:

613-927-9259 is an extortion scam phone number


If you receive a recorded message claiming to be “Officer Joseph Morgan” telling you to call 613-927-9259, it is best to disregard it. This is an extortion scam and if you call the scammers back, they will use your caller ID information to further threaten you and make you send them money that they do not deserve. The only people who should be afraid of any “legal situation” over this are the scammers themselves. 613-927-9259 is currently used by scammers and not by any government official.

Haruna Kawaguchi in “JJ” April 2018 issue



Rika Izumi in “Yen Spa!” 8 January 2018 issue


Haruna Kawaguchi in “JJ” March 2018 issue