Rika Izumi graduation interview article and video for “Ray” February 2016 issue (English translation and fansub)


“Even though I don’t know what’s going to come next, it’s important for me to keep ‘facing forward’.”

“When I first came to Ray, to be honest, I was full of anxiety.”

Now that she is graduating from Ray, we speak with Rika Izumi to get her thoughts – For the last seven and a half years she’s spent her days working with Ray. Today we meet to discuss her story; her memories of the good times and painful times. Ms. Rika shares her thoughts on her experiences both as a grown woman and a model at the agency.
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Select photos of Fumika Baba in “Weekly Big Comic Spirits” 11 July 2016 issue


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Haruna Kawaguchi in “Entame” July 2016 issue (raw scans)


Keiko Kitagawa in “TV Life” 1 July 2016 issue (raw scan)


Promotional article for the TV drama Your Home is My Business:

Miyuu Sawai X monsters: a tribute


Miyuu Sawai and suited monsters enjoy a relationship that spans well over a decade:


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