Ayaka Komatsu screenshots in “Iron Hero Ganriser NEO 2” episodes 3, 6 and 7


Ayaka Komatsu starred in the 2015 tokusatsu series “Iron Hero Ganriser NEO 2”. She plays Nana, one of the masked superheroes. This was produced by TV Iwate and features actors from Iwate Prefecture.

The first two episodes are available officially on YouTube. Ayaka appears in both.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Screenshots from episode 3:

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Scans of select Haruna Kojima trading cards


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Keiko Kitagawa in “Seventeen” 1 February 2006 issue


Keiko Kitagawa’s Beauty Honey volume 17 “Happy 2006”:

The Keiko Kitagawa Seventeen Heritage Conservation Project seeks to digitally preserve and make accessible Keiko’s significant appearances in “Seventeen” magazine. It is made possible with the generous support of MB.

Haruna Kojima “quick Q&A” article in “Beauty: Dà měirén” June 2016 issue (English translation)


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Keiko Kitagawa in “VoCE” August 2016 issue


Cover of regular edition:

Cover of “VoCE mini” handbag-size edition:

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