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Keiko Kitagawa interview article in “Mini” September 2013 issue (English translation)


How do you feel about this summer’s fashion collections?

I think we’ll continue to see the same pant fashions as before – every summer it seems like denim jeans with T-shirts or blouses gets more popular. I think we’ll continue to see girls wearing skinny, straight jeans with either opera shoes or peek toe shoes too. There are lots of stylish sparkly tops to suit women of any age, which are nice in my opinion as well.

So, similar to the dress style of detective Reiko, whom you played in the movie “The Riddle is Solved after Dinner” (nazotoki wa dinner no ato de)!

There were really a lot of possibilities there, and the stylist for the show and I came to decisions together. Throughout the serialization of the drama, Reiko’s theme color seemed to be pink, lots of pink dresses, or lots of monotone outfits. I think I used to have to try on 10 or more dresses, and alternate between various styles of clothing, just so that there would be some balance in what we chose for the character to wear. We used to do the same thing with hairstyles too, so that it wouldn’t always be the same. I think Reiko’s fashion is something that can be enjoyed by regular women, as well as fashionistas, and I’m glad to say that this summer’s fashion choices are very similar in style.

In instances where Ms. Reiko wore suits or really dressed up for certain scenes, her makeup completely changed her image too. Ms. Kitagawa, have you ever taken that kind of consideration when doing makeup for yourself personally?

“Don’t overdo it” is my motto. In the morning I just wash my face, and in the evening I just take my makeup off, and maybe sometimes I’ll put some creamy lotion on my face for overnight. When I go out to see my friends, I just put on a little bit of sunscreen. I think it should be more popular to wear less makeup. (laughs)

What do you think is the secret to this series’s popularity?

I think it’s because it’s really intelligently funny. It’s refreshing to watch. It’s not just a comical farce, there’s also a lot of witty puns, plays on words, plus, Sakurai Sho’s portrayal of Butler Kageyama is really well done. Throughout the series Reiko also grows a lot as a character, and becomes more courageous. It’s entertaining to watch.

Has anything made you laugh really hard recently, either in your personal life or at work?

Since I’m not the type who gets really giggly too often, I don’t have many stories to share. But, whenever I’m feeling down, I always go out for some kind of refreshment to make me feel better. (laughs) I love sweet drinks like café au lait, or desserts like financier, though lately I’ve been really into CoCo Ichibanya’s limited edition menu, definitely check it out!

Finally, please share a message with the readers of the summer edition of “Mini” magazine!

When you are in your 20s, you can make anything you do into fun. You’re not really busy because of work yet, and you don’t have to wake up really early, so you can still stay out late for drinks or snacks. (laughs). You can go out on a drive with your friends to get something to eat if you want to, and your biggest regret is missing out on seeing a fireworks display. You can never go back and repeat any summer, so please, enjoy this year’s styles with lots of enthusiasm and love.

(Translated by Miss Dream under their ”Hire Us!” program. Paid for by this blog to the benefit of all English-speaking and English-learning Keiko fans)