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613-927-9259 is an extortion scam phone number


If you receive a recorded message claiming to be “Officer Joseph Morgan” telling you to call 613-927-9259, it is best to disregard it. This is an extortion scam and if you call the scammers back, they will use your caller ID information to further threaten you and make you send them money that they do not deserve. The only people who should be afraid of any “legal situation” over this are the scammers themselves. 613-927-9259 is currently used by scammers and not by any government official.

226-484-1069 is used by scammers


If you receive a recorded phone call or message from 226-484-1069 claiming to be the “Canada Revenue Agency”, it is a scam. Ignoring it is the best response, as returning the call may provide the scammers with your Caller ID information which would allow them to personalize their scam pitch to you.

613-927-9757 “Martin Watson” extortion scam


If you receive an automated call from “Martin Watson” at “Criminal investigation Division Head Office” telling you to call 613-927-9757, it is best to ignore it. This is an extortion scam where the scammer will attempt to make you send them money using gift cards and similar difficult-to-trace methods.

Please note that if you call them back, the scammers will use your caller ID/phone directory information to complete their scam, so unless you are a professional anti-scammer, the best response is to ignore the call. The scam message was made by a computer and many, many calls are made every day – the scammers won’t interact with you unless you call them back.

For anti-scam professionals: these scammers are using services from a Malaysia-based telecommunications company.

About “Happy Step Father’s Day…” texts from 905-351-3759


There are recent reports of text messages saying “Happy Step Father’s Day (date) First Year. I am a comedian” (or similar) being sent to numerous random phone numbers with an originating ID of (905) 351-3759. If you receive such a message, the best course of action is to ignore and delete it. Calling or texting back will provide the scammers with your Caller ID information which allows them to commence a social engineering scam. The scammers are hoping you will be curious and contact them, thereby starting a conversation.

888-634-9403 is a scam phone number


If you get an email or phone message telling you to call 1-888-634-9403 about your student loan (or any other loan/financial issue), do not call. These scammers will claim to help you with your loan but will require you to pay them upfront as a “service charge” (or similar). However, once they have received your money, they will do nothing. Even worse, any personal information you share with the scammers may in fact be sold to other scammers.

Note that if you call the number, the scammers will use the information on your caller ID for their scam. Therefore, do not call.