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Bank of America fail


Why would Bank of America ask for customers’ Social Security Numbers when customers call for service, while at the same time do business with illegal immigrants who do NOT have SSN’s?

Bank Of America has a Double Standard for Immigrants

Response from Rona


I received an email response from Rona regarding the gift card purchase incident I outlined earlier here.  I am satisfied with the response, and am reproducing it below word-for-word (i.e. copy-and-paste):

“I got an email pertaining to your inability to buy a $50.00 gift card with your credit card. I’m sorry, but our cashier made an error in this instance. Recently, we got some fraudulent credit card scams that includes people using stolen or fraud credit cards to buy gift card. We have asked our staff to be a bit more diligent when it comes to customers purchasing gift cards with credit cards. That staff in this case miss understood our instructions thus leading to this error. I’m sincerely apologizing for any inconveniences that this incident have caused but I assure you that this is an error in communication and it is not our norm or policy. We strive very hard to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations.

If you have any further question or concerns, please feel free to call me anytime.


Danny Tse

Store Manager

Rona Home & Garden”

How Rona lost (at least) $50 in guaranteed sales


Recently, I was preparing to visit some friends who are in the process of moving house.  Knowing that they will have a need for home improvement products, I decided that a gift card from a home improvement store would be an appropriate gift.  So I went to my nearest Rona Home & Garden store, and asked to buy a $50 gift card.  When I took out my credit card to make the payment, I was told by the cashier that Rona only accepts cash or debit when purchasing gift cards, and does not accept credit cards.  I asked her if she is sure, and she insisted that a Rona gift card must be paid for by either cash or debit.  So I bid her farewell, and proceeded to a Home Depot store.  There, I quickly bought a $50 Home Depot gift card with my credit card, and was on my way within minutes.

My friends were happy to receive the $50 Home Depot gift card.  They told me that they do need to buy quite a few things for their new house – at least a few hundred dollars worth, if not a thousand or two.  With my gift card, they intend to visit Home Depot first.

In this case, then, it is obvious that Rona’s loss is Home Depot’s gain.