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Bank of America fail


Why would Bank of America ask for customers’ Social Security Numbers when customers call for service, while at the same time do business with illegal immigrants who do NOT have SSN’s?

Bank Of America has a Double Standard for Immigrants

Public Service Staffing Tribunal issues decision regarding venues for exchange of information


Yesterday, Canada’s Public Service Staffing Tribunal issued a decision regarding meeting locations used for exchange of information during the complaint process.

The Tribunal noted, “The purpose of exchange of information in the PSEA and the PSST Regulations is to promote transparent employment practices (Visca v. Department of Justice [2006] PSST 0016). It is implicit therefore, that such meetings are to be held at a place of business and not at a residence.”

“PSEA” refers to the Public Service Employment Act.

“PSST Regulations” refers to the Public Service Staffing Tribunal Regulations.

For more information, please contact the Tribunal and refer to the decision made on April 12, 2010, for file 2010-0071.