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Rika Izumi in “VoCE” March 2018 issue


Ad for Coca Cola’s “Karada Meguricha Advance” body metabolism enhancing (slimming) tea:


Keiko Kitagawa, Rika Izumi and Mew Azama remember “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”


In a TV talk show on 31 December 2017, Keiko Kitagawa discussed her entertainment debut including her appearance in the 2003 tokusatsu drama “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” (PGSM). Rika Izumi appeared as a special guest:

Broadcast earlier on 23 December, Rika appeared in a short TV segment in which she prepared a bento box for fellow PGSM actress Mew Azama. CarbOFF pasta was a major ingredient:

Rika thus has returned the favour for when Mew’s character cooked for hers in PGSM Act 21:

Rika Izumi in “Yen Spa!” 8 January 2018 issue


Rika Izumi in “Bijin Hyakka” February 2018 issue


Rika Izumi in “JJ” February 2018 issue