Haruna Kawaguchi interview article in “VoCE” March 2018 issue (English translation)

With unstoppable beauty and rising popularity, the lovely Haruna Kawaguchi

Having grown up from a teenager to an adult, Haruna Kawaguchi has become a gleaming actress. Contained inside her natural beauty is her cuteness and tenacity. How does she create this kind of charisma that draws in and attracts everyone who sees her? We interview the beautiful Haruna Kawaguchi for her latest!

A continuously evolving 22-year-old! A time when beauty blooms like flowers

Recently, Haruna Kawaguchi has been radiating awesome beauty. She says, after entering her twenties, she began to learn how to face herself using other’s opinion.

“Using today’s photoshoot as an example, when everyone said ‘this is cute’, I think that is good. Of course, what I like have not changed and in my heart I have unchanging perspectives, but the opinion of those who objectively see me and understand me is important. If they tell me some method is better, I will try to challenge myself to try looks and outfits that differ from my usual.”

It is perhaps through this flexibility in thinking that she has her relaxed new beauty and be able to steadily increase her charisma and radiance. Also, the Instagram account that she managed since last year to express her personal feelings has gone viral.

“I manage my Instagram to let everyone understand me, what I like and my thoughts. Many have commented on my posts and many of the comments bring joy. And then there are comments that help me understand things and let me discover new perspectives, or how men and women like different things etc. It’s really interesting! I really want to know how everyone feels about my posts, because I am the kind of person who cares. (Laughs)”

About Make-up

Natural make-up is the cutest for women!

“During my teenage years, I liked the ‘painted fully everywhere’ style of full make-up. Today, I want to be the kind of transparent, shining, extremely natural but extremely attractive woman! So, there is a feeling of using my true self to openly tackle my challenges (laughs). I do think that this kind of make-up style is only appropriate from now…I really like all the make-up styles by (master make-up artist) Yusuke Kawakita for me in this issue. With glowing skin, all that is needed is to apply military green eye shadow using a small eye shadow brush, and even eyeliner is not necessary to achieve sparkling eyes. Master Kawakita’s work has always been references for me.”

About Body care

I eat when I want! If I gain weight I will slim down as soon as possible

Last year, Haruna Kawaguchi had her first experience filming outside Japan for about one month. “The environment was different and the food was different. Due to the change in life rhythm, my skin condition became worse…The filming was in Hawaii and I ate a lot every day. As I saw myself fatten up, I decided ‘upon returning to Japan, I will bully myself’. These past two days I only had protein drinks and worked out each day. I went to a body sculpting spa as well, living like a professional boxer (laughs). Even though I think that it’s OK to eat when I want to, I will not allow my weight to increase without limit, rather I will slim down as soon as possible; this is a measure within my heart. The drama I star in this time is about Hawaiian pancakes, so it was a delight to eat all those creamy pancakes and to shoot scenes about making them! I have not made desserts recently, the next Valentine’s Day I will challenge myself and see.”

“Even though it was challenging to film in Hawaii for a month, it is a really good story and I hope more viewers can watch!”

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