Rika Izumi screenshots from “Ueniwa Uega Irumonda” broadcast on 7 January 2017 (Part 1 of 2)

Rika Izumi appeared in the TV special “Ueniwa Uega Irumonda” (There is one higher at the top) which was broadcast on 7 January 2017. Celebrities appearing in the show share a significant challenge they face, then the stage rises up one storey to meet another celebrity who has faced the same challenge before.

The challenge faced by Rika is that her breasts are (relatively) big and lead to various problems in daily life.

Reference was made to Rika’s appearance in “Sanma & Okamura Matsuri” which went viral and led to a high number of Internet searches.

Host Rino Sashihara was fascinated by Rika’s breasts and decided to feel them:

Rino was very impressed by Rika’s breasts:

Celebrity panellist Rie Shibata touched Rika’s breasts as well:

Rino wanted a second helping of Rika’s breasts:


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