Rika Izumi screenshots from “King’s Brunch” 7 January 2017 episode

Rika Izumi was a guest in the 7 January 2017 episode of the variety show King’s Brunch. She and actress Kazuko Kurosawa tried out new virtual reality experiences in Tokyo.

Rika on magazine covers, left to right: Bijin Hyakka of July 2016, Maquia of January 2017 and Bijin Hyakka of December 2016.

They first played a virtual reality game at VR Park Tokyo:

They then went to The Body Ride for a virtual reality fitness session:


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  1. AY Says:

    More on the virtual reality fitness device Rika used – https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-04-25/virtual-reality-hits-the-gym-will-it-make-working-out-more-fun


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