Haruna Kawaguchi screenshots in “Kazoku no Katachi” episode 5 (part 2 of 2)

While the wedding was still on, the broken table gifts still need to be fixed. Fortunately, Haruto and the male principal character worked at a stationery company that had the equipment to re-make the candles:

Akane the bride (Haruna Kawaguchi’s character) was walked down the aisle by the male lead character:

At the wedding reception, the newly wedded couple holds the pug that brought them together to cut the cake:

One of the male principal characters sang horrible karaoke; this was followed by a long speech by Haruto, until Akane took charge and told everyone to have fun:

While the photos were being taken, Akane noticed that her new mother-in-law is at the entrance but was too embarrassed to join them. She greeted and invited Haruto’s mother inside. After a pause, Haruto invited his mother to join in the group photo:

The group photo with everyone in attendance was taken:

…and they (presumably) lived happily ever after.

Ayaka Komatsu appeared in the next episode.


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