Haruna Kawaguchi screenshots in “Kazoku no Katachi” episode 5 (part 1 of 2)

In episode 5, Haruna Kawaguchi’s character Akane and her husband Haruto began planning the wedding with the generous help from the principal characters:

While sending out the wedding invitations, Akane and Haruto discussed inviting parents. Since Haruto was estranged from his, he was not thrilled with the concept. Akane, who was an orphan, did not quite understand:

The evening before the wedding, Haruto’s mother left him a message to acknowledge receiving the wedding invitation; as a result, he became upset with Akane for not respecting his wishes. He threatened to call off the wedding and threw the table gifts – small candles that resemble the pug whose adoption brought the two together – off the balcony. Akane stormed out of the apartment and threatened divorce:

Akane and Haruto went to the apartments of two different principal characters to vent their frustrations. The principal characters tried their best to mediate the situation and save the marriage and wedding; at the end, the couple apologized to each other and the relationship was saved:

Using a very Japanese method, the producers showed us their judgement as to who was the guiltier of the two:

(Continued in part 2)


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