Rika Izumi screenshots from “King’s Brunch” 9 July 2016 episode

Rika Izumi appeared in the 9 July 2016 episode of the variety show King’s Brunch. Her segment was about new summer-related merchandise and she was in a panel of three models: herself, as a model in her 20s (centre); Miyu Ikeda, a teenage model (right); and IVAN, a 30s model (left).

Rika’s shoe detail:

Rika’s magazine cover appearances, left to right: Bijin Hyakka 2016 May, Ray 2016 February and Bijin Hyakka 2016 July.

They first went to a muy mucho store where the featured item was round beach towels:

Then they went to a Pameo Pose store where the three of them picked out a swimsuit each. They did not wear the swimsuits on screen, however:

The final store was WEGO, where they each had to pick and model an outfit to go with Nike beach sandals:


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