Haruna Kojima “quick Q&A” article in “Beauty: Dà měirén” June 2016 issue (English translation)

“Since I am almost 30 years old, I want to train more to have a balanced body figure.”

Q1. What is the Taiwanese food that you are most eager to eat?

The xiaolongbao with truffles from Din Tai Fung.

This is my second visit to Taiwan; I had xiaolongbao the last time and I want to try the ones with truffles this time.

Q2. In between photoshoots, acting, programme-hosting and singing, which work is your favourite?

I like all that is related to fashion.

I hope to be more involved in fashion-related work, such as photoshoots around the world.

Q3. What has enthralled you the most recently?

Getting together for breakfast with friends.

Having breakfast is very popular in Japan right now, so I often arrange to meet up with good friends at 8 am and get up especially early for breakfast.

Q4. What skill have you learned recently?

Chinese (a bit).

Before coming to Taiwan I learned a few Chinese phrases, but because it is too difficult, even though I memorized them before the trip, I forgot them all when I arrived (laughs).

Q5. Prior to a cover photoshoot, what are your preparations the previous evening?

I do facial size reducing massages or acupuncture.

Only when the facial features are on tight skin will photos come out nice! When I have time I will take a bath: first apply a lot of oil to my entire face and body then take the bath; that way, the skin will become soft and glowing. The morning of the photoshoot I add beauty oil to massage my face to further tighten the skin.

Q6. What do you do on a day off at home?

Watch TV dramas the whole day.

I really like American TV dramas. Right now I am watching “The Walking Dead” which is very popular in Japan; it is scary but interesting at the same time. Another one is “Homeland”.

Q7. In which make up technique do you have the most confidence?

Dolly eyes make up – when done everyone says the eyes became bigger!

The secret is “use eyebrow powder as eye shadow”. The deep-eyes effect is more natural than using eye shadow.

Q8. When your schedule is full, how do you quickly recover from fatigue?

Drink hydrogenated or spring water.

I bring along hydrogenated or spring water for when riding the crew van; it is refreshing. I also like massage and go to a session at least once a week.

(Translated by this blogger. “Dà měirén” means “the seriously beautiful woman”.)


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