Select photos of Rika Izumi in “Bijin Hyakka” May 2016 issue

“Bijin Hyakka” means “the lovely woman whose beauty is like a hundred different flowers”

You better have fresh breath, pal (haha)


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3 Responses to “Select photos of Rika Izumi in “Bijin Hyakka” May 2016 issue”

  1. yuszdezign Says:

    Great photos


  2. Steven Says:

    very good, thank you!


  3. Rika Izumi screenshots from “King’ Brunch” 9 July 2016 episode | TAF: apn Says:

    […] magazine cover appearances, left to right: Bijin Hyakka 2016 May, Ray 2016 February and Bijin Hyakka 2016 […]


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