Select questions answered by Fumika Baba in “Questions from Fans” article of Kamen Rider Drive: Drivin’ Album (English translation)

Q11. Fumika, what do you think is the cutest part of your Medic outfit? (16 year old female from Gifu)

Fumika: I really like the corset!

Q17. Playing Medic, was there any particular thing you had to be mindful of? (23 year old male from Iwate)

Fumika: I had to remind myself no matter what awful thing I was doing, I was doing it for Heart. I had to keep my feelings for Heart at the center of every action I took.

Q68. Can you think of any ways you or your surroundings have changed from before playing this role, compared to now? (33 year old male from Kanagawa)

Fumika: Everything has. You have to constantly learn as an actress; before I was painfully timid, and now I’m much less so. Plus now I have the experience of frightening small children (haha).

Q77. If you were to don a human disguise like Brain, what kind of clothes would you wear? (22 year old female from Fukuoka)

Fumika: Something sleazy? (haha)

Q90. I bet filming in the summer months is hard. Fumika, how do you prevent heatstroke and suntan? (16 year old female from Gifu)

Fumika: Before leaving home I would eat umeboshi for hydration. To fight suntan, I would re-apply sunblock countless times a day, stay under a parasol or wear long sleeves. I still got tanned though.

Q95. Medic has really high heels in her costume, but doesn’t that make your legs and feet hurt? (16 year old female from Gifu)

Fumika: It does hurt. To fight that, I do these wobble reducing stretches where I roll my ankles.

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