Fumika Baba and Rio Uchida “Girls Talk” article in Kamen Rider Drive: Drivin’ Album (English translation)

Would you look at these cute pictures…! The two women who played the main heroine and the main villainess, we’ll report on the impression they made in person, everything from their favorite characters to the male cast, and what will happen from here on… Let’s talk with the women at the middle of the maelstrom and get their point of view!

“If we’re talking about love, let me go straight to the point: I love Medic, though I’d never tell Kiriko.” – Rio Uchida

Could this mean a clothing exchange, the epitome of a girl’s friendship, could be in the works?!

Rio: I only got to the point where I started talking with Fumika recently though. Before that I don’t have any interesting Kiriko or Medic stories other than brief meetings at photo shoots and things like that.

Fumika: Yeah, totally!

Rio: To the point where only when watching the show live would I realize, “Oh, so those were the scenes she was in!”

Fumika: Right? I’m glad there were scenes with us together at the end of the series though.

Rio: It was unusual for us to share airtime unless we were delivering the catchphrase! (haha)

Fumika: For sure (haha). I was pretty much exclusively filmed at night.

Rio: When we met we would only exchange words like “good work”, I had no idea what kind of girl Fumika was. I would hear the guys saying stuff like “She’s really shy. How can I get her to open up?” And stuff like that.

Fumika: Ahahaha! Really? (haha) But lately I’ve finally opened up. I would get worked up and think “Oh no what do I do?” But I could never approach anyone. And If I did, all I could ever say in response was “…okay.” (haha)

Rio: Oh yeah! Do you remember that one time near the beginning when we went home part way together?

Fumika: Oh yeah! But neither of us said a word the whole way…

Rio: We didn’t have much in common yet. If I did approach you there wasn’t really a reaction so I thought “Maybe she doesn’t want to talk to me?!” (haha)

Fumika: No, no way! It’s just because we had only just met!!

Rio: Yeah, now I know a lot more about what kind of person you are, Fumika, so I figured it was just shyness. (haha) Now you’re so cheerful, and a bit of a sharp tongue.

Fumika: Ahahahaha!

Rio: Even though the set was filled with guys, she would speak her mind about what she wanted without any regards to them.

Fumika: Yeah, and it’s getting worse (haha).

Rio: Hearing her was really refreshing, it felt good.

Fumika: Ahahaha! In Rio’s case, everyone on set said she was “super airheaded”.

Rio: Really?

Fumika: Oh yeah. Looking at you talking to people at events and stuff, you chose some really interesting words, on more than one occasion.

Rio: No waaay (haha).

Fumika: I found myself thinking she’s probably a really fun person to hang out with, and found myself approaching her on my own…I’m glad that now we’re able to spend so much time together talking naturally with each other.

Rio: But there’s still a ways to go.

Fumika: Really? That’s sad…

Rio: We’re cast as enemies, but call it selfishness that we still want to be friends. There aren’t a whole lot of girls on Sunday TV.

Fumika: Yeah, girls have to stick together (haha). I always thought seeing Kiriko fight the bad guys on her own was super cool to see when I watched the broadcast. She hid her shyness and put on a brave face. In life, I’m becoming more like her.

Rio: In that vein, I really like Medic for the same reasons. Initially she gave the impression of being bad to the core, but now I think she’s probably one of the cutest characters. When it comes to love, she’s way more direct than Kiriko. Kiriko’s way more awkward and unable to convey the things she does. Plus the way she dresses is super cute!

Fumika: I think so too!

Rio: I would like do a real clothing exchange for sure!

Fumika: Me too!

Rio: Let’s do it! Next time we meet up, I really want to do an exchange!

Fumika: Yes please (haha)!

Where do you see your respective romance flags going? Your real-life interpretation please.

Rio: As you get closer to the climax you understand more about the internal state of affairs with the Roidmudes. I feel kind of bad for them.

Fumika: Me too. Up until the scenes depicting how we became Roidmudes, you just assume that we’re bad guys. But you learn Roidmudes have a great capacity for love.

Rio: How to put it, their idea of “justice” is different, but the reason they have to keep fighting is so tragic…

Fumika: There’s another interpretation: remember how Professor Banno was yet another bad guy who was both a Rider and a Roidmude at the same time…What I mean is both sides had the same feelings when facing each other. That’s what I want people to pay attention to. Also I want people to notice how the Roidmudes become more and more human as the series progresses.

Rio: Whatever happens at the end I want the viewer to think “I’m glad I supported them for this year”, so I’ll do my best.

Fumika: Yeah…Though for myself, I hope I wind up together with Chase.

Rio: Oh, you’re in that camp?!

Fumika: Yeah, I’m a Chase fan.

Rio: This is my first time hearing this! (haha)

Fumika: How unusual (haha). Of course I like Shinosuke’s body and all, but his clumsiness attracts me, watching him makes me swoon a little.

Rio: I always love watching Medic and Heart being lovey-dovey and making Brain go “Graaah!” nearby (haha).

“I can’t bear thinking about how soon production will be over and we won’t see each other all the time anymore!” – Fumika Baba

Fumika: Yeah. There are viewers who think Medic and Brain are getting pretty close too.

Rio: Ah, that is true too!

Fumika: They’re very similar.

Rio: For sure.

Fumika: Given the choice though it’s my darling Heart for sure (haha).

Rio: If it was up to you who would you pick?

Fumika: If it were me? Hmm…Chase I guess.

Rio: Really?

Fumika: He doesn’t talk much. (haha)

Rio: Kind of a mysterious feeling?

Fumika: Yeah, yeah. Heart is kind and all but his smile is kind of scary. Chase is perfect. He’s strong, cheerful, yet seems slightly fatigued.

Rio: Ahaha. Your true colors are showing (haha).

Fumika: I’m not super reliable, just like Shinosuke, we’re both…he’s the kind of person you have keep telling “hang in there”.

Rio: There everyone! That’s Fumika’s sharp tongue I was talking about!

Fumika: Ahahaha! I just never think before I talk is all… (haha).

Rio: That’s very Fumika-ish, I like it, it’s refreshing (haha). As for me…If I were to choose any of the characters, I’d choose Go I think.

Fumika: Whaaat?!

Rio: He’s normally cheerful, but he’s got a dark side. It makes me want to help him.

Fumika: I get it.

Rio: In the story, Kiriko doesn’t really touch on Go’s dark side at all. It makes me think “Poor Go”. I just think I want to make him happy!

Fumika: The kind of guy who needs you to reach his potential.

Rio: Could be. On the other hand, separating them from their roles, which of the guys do you think is the manliest?

Fumika: Hmm, that’s a hard one…

Rio: I’m surprisingly into Katouno (Taiko Katono) I think.

Fumika: Yeah totally! He’s really hot!

Rio: He’s a real gentleman to women too. He’ll always rush to open a door for you, or ask “What’s wrong?” if there’s anything troubling you. He’s almost like a prince.

Fumika: It comes natural to him; you’re right on the money. Maybe that’s why it comes off so well when he plays Chase.

Rio: Right? I think the most roguish is Takeryo (Ryoma Takeuchi). Speaking of him, he’s such a brat. (laughs)

Fumika: Yeah! Whenever no one’s looking he always makes those weird gestures (haha).

Rio: He’s the kind of guy everyone wants to hang out with. Though then, he’ll pull some prank and you want to get mad at him.

Fumika: You got it. You look at him and think “Must be nice to have so much energy.”

Rio: From the first day we started filming, from morning until night, he was always acting like a brat. He’s so rude.

Fumika: Yeeeah, he’s something (haha).

Rio: But he was never malicious. He was never mean to anyone so people didn’t treat him badly in return; he actually livened up the set.

Fumika: Yeah, I’ll miss him. I can’t bear thinking about how soon production will be over and we won’t see each other all the time anymore!

Rio: Yeah but even after the production is over, I have a feeling that we’ll all remain connected.

Fumika: Yeah!

Rio: If we go hang out, where would you want to go?

Fumika: Huh, where? I’d like to go someplace where I knew everyone would have a good time. Ah, how about a hot springs trip?

Rio: That sounds fun! I’ve never gotten to go when I wasn’t filming something. It’ll be like a school vacation (haha).

Fumika: That does sound like it would be fun.

Rio: Before, everyone was saying “Let’s have a barbeque at Takeryo’s place!”

Fumika: Yeah that came up during filming but never materialized. Let’s go once everything is done!

Rio: Yeah, I want to go with everyone!

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