Keiko Kitagawa interview article in “VoCE” August 2015 issue (English translation)

Keiko Kitagawa’s secret summer LOVE make-up!

Having a perfect face, Keiko Kitagawa came in first place for two consecutive years in Oricon Style’s “Most Desirable Face Ranked by Women’s Votes” survey. Both her career and personal life are going well! As someone in the spotlight, what kind of “LOVE make-up” would she choose during the summer days when dating comes to mind? From morning to night, she teaches us the different styles of make-up according to the occasion!

“When meeting a most significant person, it is even more important to choose a natural make-up style, because I want him to fall in love with ‘the real me’ sincerely.”

Love Make-up! 01: Make-up for saying “good morning”

“Do you put too much deliberate effort in making up right from the morning? It is embarrassing to give such an impression. That’s why all you need is to slightly add a bit of colour to your lips and it would be a make-up style that is sufficient and appropriate.”

Simple is best when making up for dates

Keiko Kitagawa has a beautiful face worthy of the title “cool beauty”; no matter if she is wearing elegant formal gowns or relaxing style T-shirts, she expresses a perfect flawless style. Despite this, when she is going on a date in personal time, she chooses a make-up style that is very simple, which is surprising.

“If he is the companion whom I want to spend my future with together, I do not want to hide anything from him, rather, I want him to fall in love with the original me. Especially on daytime dates, a bit of light eyeliner and shiny lipstick that adds natural colour to the lips would be sufficient.”

Indeed, Keiko’s personality is very straightforward and uncomplicated. There is talk that many of her friends describe her as a “cheerful” woman.

“No matter if it is my career or love life, I don’t get jealous. The reason is that being jealous does not improve my own situation. On this point, the character I play in this summer’s movie ‘HERO’, Chika Asagi, is similar to me in this way.”

The character of Maiko Amamiya, played by Takako Matsu and who was active in the first season of the series, returns in the upcoming movie after 8 years. When Ms. Asagi encounters a woman such as Ms. Amamiya, who has the standing that she seeks, would she not be jealous? To this question, Keiko replies:

“Absolutely not! My respect and admiration for Ms. Matsu is the same as that of my character in the movie. From her I did not detect any stereotypical feminine indecision. I should say, working with her is very encouraging for me.”

Keiko’s motto is to always remain open-minded. No matter in her love life or career, this cheerful personality never arouses discomfort or anxiety in others.

“In fact, I am not a high-maintenance person; when I am silent, people often misinterpret that I am ‘being angry’. Due to this, I pay extra attention to how I can express my authentic feelings candidly. It is the same with make-up: rather than hoping that others see a perfect me, I prefer to directly express my thoughts and present a face that is not excessively polished.”

“I like to go to art museums for daytime dates! Afterwards, I want to sit and happily chat in a park while drinking take-out coffee.”

Love Make-up! 02: “Would you like some tea?” Make-up for a casual date

For daytime dates a slightly stronger make-up style is essential, because I want to demonstrate that I have made an effort to put myself together.

“Expensive-looking high heels should only be worn on birthdays and special dates. My everyday habit is to wear boots! I hope to go everywhere holding hands.”

Love Make-up! 03: For the evening, darker make-up for the eyes that is not gaudy

For evening dates, use slightly stronger eyeliner and sparkly eye shadow to create the talked about “cool beauty” look.

Translated by this blogger using the Taiwan International Chinese edition, with reference to the Japanese original where necessary.


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