A quote about “holiness”

“Jesus never troubled the troubled or harassed the harassed. He never belittled the belittled, marginalized the marginalized or excluded the excluded.

These were the ones He befriended, came alongside of, and called disciples and apostles. These were the ones whose names and identities He said would be forever attached to the Gospel message. It was these He said would enter the Kingdom in front of the religious ‘scholars’ and fundamentalists of the day.

The only ones He ever pointed fingers at were the finger pointers.

So if you, in the name of holiness, seek to emulate Jesus and so exclude, marginalize, harass, belittle and finger-point, make sure you don’t end up looking like the only people He ever condemned.

Jesus is for the ‘sinners’ of this world, but stands opposed to those who are all too eager to slap that label on another.”

– Jeff Turner, from his Facebook post


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