Pharisee church pastor calls Dalton McGuinty “The Antichrist” over eco fees

The Pharisee church pastor announced to me today that he has “proven” that Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is the Antichrist described in the Bible.

“People in Ontario may have noticed that starting a couple of weeks ago, Dalton McGuinty’s government has been collecting an ‘eco tax’ at the cash register.  I discovered that that maximum amount for Dalton McGuinty’s eco tax is $6.66.

As any serious reader of the Bible knows, the number 666 is no ordinary number.  It is, in fact, the very number of the evil Antichrist, the demonic Beast whose mission is to seduce the world for the Devil.  By setting the high amount of his eco tax to coincide with this satanic number, Dalton McGuinty has claimed this number for himself.  Therefore, he has revealed himself to be the Antichrist.

Ever since he tried to sexualize Ontario’s elementary schoolchildren, I have considered Dalton McGuinty’s spirituality to be under great suspicion.  Now, by imposing the number 666 on Ontario residents, the Premier is clearly the Evil One foretold by prophecy.

My church and all Christian accountability groups under me will be praying day and night for Dalton McGuinty’s spiritual defeat.  We will ask God to send armies of angels to destroy the Antichrist’s plans, starting with the eco tax.  The Premier needs to immediately resign his position as the Devil’s representative, join my church, and attend one of my Christian accountability groups.  It is only by being spiritually accountable to me that he can obtain salvation.”

Pharisee church pastor, I don’t think even the opposition parties at Queen’s Park are with you on this one.

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