How Rona lost (at least) $50 in guaranteed sales

Recently, I was preparing to visit some friends who are in the process of moving house.  Knowing that they will have a need for home improvement products, I decided that a gift card from a home improvement store would be an appropriate gift.  So I went to my nearest Rona Home & Garden store, and asked to buy a $50 gift card.  When I took out my credit card to make the payment, I was told by the cashier that Rona only accepts cash or debit when purchasing gift cards, and does not accept credit cards.  I asked her if she is sure, and she insisted that a Rona gift card must be paid for by either cash or debit.  So I bid her farewell, and proceeded to a Home Depot store.  There, I quickly bought a $50 Home Depot gift card with my credit card, and was on my way within minutes.

My friends were happy to receive the $50 Home Depot gift card.  They told me that they do need to buy quite a few things for their new house – at least a few hundred dollars worth, if not a thousand or two.  With my gift card, they intend to visit Home Depot first.

In this case, then, it is obvious that Rona’s loss is Home Depot’s gain.


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  1. Response from Rona « To ANNE FLEETWOOD: a public notice Says:

    […] I received an email response from Rona regarding the gift card purchase incident I outlined earlier here.  I am satisfied with the response, and am reproducing it below word-for-word (i.e. […]


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